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How to avoid potential structural failures

You worked hard to get where you are today. Make sure your new building and everything in it is protected.  Without engineering, there is no way of knowing if your building will still be standing tomorrow.  Many insurance companies will not insure your building unless it has design drawings and calculations stamped by a licensed engineer. This is regardless of whether you get a building permit for it or not.

Also, don't be fooled by generic pole building plans that are often handed out by your permitting agency.  Our reviews of most of these plans have shown them to not be in compliance with today's environmental design loads!

And guess who is going to be responsible for your building if it falls down... You!!!

Don't let anyone talk you out of getting engineering just because you think your building can be classified as "Agricultural" Exempt.  You still should get stamped plans and calculations for your building to help insure that it is safe. Again, without engineering there is no way of knowing if your building will still be standing tomorrow. There are not any minimum construction standards under this scenario that have to be met. Thus, it is entirely a "buyer be aware" situation.

Don't be afraid to work with an engineer because the "right" engineer is very easy to work with.  You want a structurally sound building that you can count on!  Working with us is easy and economical. It just makes sense! So give us a call today!!!

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