Do you need to bring your existing building up to code?

There are many reasons why you might need to bring your existing building up to today's design code. Just a few of the reasons may include:

One reason may be that you are buying or selling your property and there is an older existing building on it. You want to ensure that it is safe, insurable, and financable. We can help you with this. Give us a call.

Another reason may be that someone talked you into installing a building without a permit. Many people are afraid of dealing with permitting agencies and engineers. Thus you build it quietly in hopes of not getting caught. However, someone comes along later (like a nosy neighbor or a tax assessor) and asks you where your building permit is. You realize you are caught. Here at Alliance, we can help you with this. Just give us a call.

Working with us is easy and economical. It just makes sense! So give us a call today!!!