Questions and Answers

Common engineering questions answered by our professional engineers.

A: Boundary nailing is the nailing around the edges of each panel of wood sheathing. Field nailing is the nailing in the interior of the sheets – typically 12″ o.c.

A: Interior posts are usually required only when the post and rafter system is used.

A: Stitch screws are screws that join sheets of wall and roof metal at their seams. They are required when a higher shear capacity is needed. The use of stitch screws can be an economical alternative to the addition of OSB and plywood sheathing.

A: Failure occurs when the analyzed, applied stresses exceed code allowable. A building component “fails” when the calculated stresses are greater than that allowed by the governing code or the manufacturer. Structural failure occurs well before something breaks or falls down. An example of failure is cracked ceiling plaster due to unacceptable deflection. Note that the ceiling does not have to wind up on the floor to constitute failure.

A: Hot dipped galvanized – per the International Building Code.