Questions and Answers

Common engineering questions answered by our professional engineers.

A: Post hole depth is primarily affected by lateral and vertical loading and soil conditions. The post is embedded deeper to resist bending and to gain soil capacity. Soil capacity (lateral and vertical) increases with depth.

A: A three-sided building will require additional post strength along the open wall, uplift details for the trusses and the purlins and uplift provision at the post hole.

A: Truss bracing is used by the truss engineer to stabilize the truss. Truss bracing is required by the truss engineer, not the building engineer.

A: The truss engineer specifies the location of truss bracing; the builder supplies the bracing material. The building engineer has little or no part in the specification of truss bracing.

A: The Building Department will usually require a hole depth and diameter inspection, a footing inspection, a framing inspection and a final inspection.