Articles written by our professional engineers.

Design professionals (architects and professional engineers) work with the International Building Code (IBC) almost every day.  Builders, owners and even a few code enforcement officials often question why we bother with all the complicated verbiage and rules outlined in the various building codes.  It is a common complaint that code requirements tend to over – build and confuse the design process, the building permit process and the construction of Post – Frame buildings.  Why must we use a building code to design and construct Post – Frame buildings?  Is the building code just another government intrusion that wastes everyone’s time and gets in the way?  Do we produce a better, less expensive, safer building if we follow code?  In this article, I would like to discuss some of the history background of our modern building codes and try to answer the questions I’ve posed above.

The main reason to exactly follow a building code is that in most states, counties and towns it is the law.  When a building code is legislated into state or local law, it is not just a set of rules that is nice to follow.  It is the law, no different than the laws that govern speeding, trespass and taxes.  The state legislature of most states have adopted some recognized building code as a set of laws to be followed by all citizens and corporations.  Building code enforcement officials are law enforcement officers that are charged to uphold state or local law.  I have been told that building inspectors in the State of California are required to know how to make an arrest.